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The sound workshop in the heart of Milan


Music tailored for you.

Our studio is made up of a team of professionals specialized in different musical areas and skills, at the service of your needs. Digital and analog, brand new sound and vintage cult: this and much more is what our studio offers.


We take care of each production step by step: from tracking to mastering, to bring out the best quality in your compositions.


We can arrange your song or write a brand new one that perfectly suits your mood: we're here to help in what you need.


We also deal with music sync, film-commercial and tv. We love music... but even the eye wants its part.



Original music  composition
Original Music Composition

Original music composition tailored for any area: just give us a couple of tips and we write it.

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Mix &  Mastering
Mix & Mastering

Write a song and let it go through our control room: digital and analog, we will make it sound.

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sound  design
Sound Design

Sound design for videos: from short movies to advertisement in general.

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Ghost  Production
Ghost Production

We produce songs for everyone.. yet nobody knows!

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Music Sync &  Post Production
Music Sync & Post Production

You wrote it, you like it, but you don't know how to use it. Take a trip to Bluescore Studio.. we do have ideas for that.

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Voice  Over
Voice Over

Settle down in front of our microphone, and say whatever you want. We record your voice for any need, with premium quality tools.

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Live music  Tracking
Live Music Tracking

You can record your music with your band in separate rooms, yet all together. That's what you can do with our 180° visual control room.

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Sala Prove
Reharsal Rooms

Trouble with your neighbours? Here you can play whenever and as long as you want.

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Compose, play, record, define your song down to the smallest detail and let everybody listen to your music. Our first-class equipment can draw the best result from any of these steps.
Take a look at what's our gear:


Biffi Milano


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Vintage Mic


Via Sannio 4, 20135 Milano (MI)

(+39) 02 5412 1096

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